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Basics about using Cooled Semen

Thank you for considering our stallions Sky High Leo, Tex O Lena Chex, Rock On Playboy 6192 and Catillac 7630 for your mare during the 2004 breeding season. The legalization of the transport of cooled semen by the American Quarter Horse Association allows today's breeders a superior opportunity to obtain produce from a wide variety of stallions not normally available due to geographical distance. The transport of cooled semen also allows the mare owner to keep their mare in the comfort of her normal surroundings, environment and climate.

What we all need to know about cooled semen: 

At our farm we have not fought overwhelming climate transitions with mares that many of the stallion owners deal with further south, but find mares arriving from the south sure don't like the occasional snow our "Land of Ahs" offers intermittently during the early breeding season. The entire reason Dwight and I own our stallions is due to unfortunate happenings to our mares and foals at outside breeding farms years ago. Environment and the lack of natural immunity to strains of disease normally not seen in our area of the country. Regardless of an excellent vaccination program on our farm, our mares' chances of conception were challenged. These are natural and unavoidable problems that even the most conscientious farm can not control. Cooled semen could save transporting expense, risk of injury and the hauling stress for mares and foals as well as extended board charges due to a mare adjusting poorly to her new environment and not cycling properly. As breeders ourselves, we are having semen from outside stallions shipped in to breed mares of our own and outside mares. Previously, we never had time to transport our mares because of our own breeding obligations here on the farm. So we too are excited and share in the enthusiasm of the opportunity to broaden our foundation bred herd to other excellently bred horses throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. 

If the mare to receive the service is in good breeding condition, developing nice follicles and an experienced equine reproductive veterinarian or specialist is used to check and inseminate the mare, it is possible only one semen shipment will be necessary for her to conceive. Occasionally, it will take another shipment, but more than two are the exception. The overall breeding success rate with cooled semen, prepared for insemination properly, has proven to be very similar to conception rates at the actual breeding farm.

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