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We would like to take this opportunity to Thank-You for your interest in our stallions, Sky High Leo, Tex O Lena Chex, Rock On Playboy 6192 or Catillac 7630. To ensure that our business relationship will start out positive and remain positive we would appreciate you reviewing our breeding contract thoroughly previous to signing. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Stallion Name

2004 Fee:


Chute/Booking PD/Date:

Stallion Fee PD/Date:













I hereby agree on this _____ day of ____________ , _____ , to breed the mare named below 

Name of Mare: _____________________________________ Reg. #______________________ 

Breed: ________________    Year Foaled: __________

to the stallion __________________________________________________________________
using cooled transported semen, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Included within the stallion fee is a non-refundable chute/booking fee of $500.00, which shall be payable upon execution of this contract. If you have purchased the stallions through a Promotion Stallion Auction the chute/booking fee is $500.00 and payable ten (10) days previous to shipment. The balance of each stallion fee shall be payable a minimum of ten (10) days before the cooled semen will be shipped.

  2. Krebs Quarter Horses has chosen to extend the initial courtesy of the preparation expenses of the first shipment as part of the stallion's breeding fee to all customers. The Shipping Costs for the semen must be paid by the Mare Owner. Hamilton Thorne Equitainers or modified Lane Containers with on board temperature monitors are available for shipment of cooled semen. The farm is not requiring a deposit for the shipment containers previous to shipment. All cooled semen containers shall be returned within three (3) days of our shipment, to Krebs Quarter Horses, at the expense of the mare owner and shall be insured for their return trip, Equitainer for $350.00 and Lane for $150.00. Should a container become damaged in shipment back to the farm, the mare owner will assume the responsibility of the replacement costs of $350.00 for the Hamilton Thorne and $150.00 for the Lane Modified with on board temperature monitor. 

  3. Request for cooled semen transport shall be before 10:30 a.m. CST on the day prior to shipment and if need be, must be canceled by 9:00 a.m. CST the day of shipping. The Mare Owner's veterinarian, acting as agent for the Mare Owner, shall order the cooled semen shipment. Semen shipments are collected on breeding days (rotating every other day) only. Check with the farm on the given weeks breeding days. The Mare Owner should check with Federal Express for weekend delivery availability. No normal Sunday service available. "Counter to Counter shipment" is limitedly available for 6-10 hour rush semen orders, check with the farm. There will be an extra $150.00 charge, beyond the shipping costs, for rush orders to pay for air transport of the semen to the airport nearest available Flight. Each cooled semen shipment shall be accompanied by an AQHA Cooled Semen Transportation Certificate for AQHA mares, APHA Collection Certificate for APHA mares, and forms for the attending Veterinarian to sign at 21 days and 60 days, reporting the pregnancy status of the mare.

  4. Mares bred by cooled transported semen shall be checked by ultrasound and report made to Krebs Quarter Horses as to whether the mare is in foal between day 16-21 and on or before October 30th of the calendar year. Twins should be rectified as early as possible, thus the 16-21 days pregnancy ultrasound requirement.

  5. Should the mare fail to conceive on the first semen shipment all further shipments will be at the expense of the Mare Owner with the fee of $150.00 per shipment being assessed for the collection, preparation and handling. The $150.00 is due ten (10) days before semen will be shipped or may be via bank wire. 

  6. Should the mare not settle during the season, should a mare abort, or not have a standing and nursing foal, the Mare Owner will be entitled to a re-breeding during the following year. This contract "is" transferable to a suitable mare if the previous year's mare is found unfit to breed. All shipping charges, and the following years Booking/Chute Fees shall be payable ten (10) days previous to shipment of cooled semen

    The following conditions apply for return breeding privileges and live foal guarantee:

    A. Krebs Quarter Horses must be notified of the aborting, or death of foal within one week in writing by a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian stating the loss of pregnancy or death of foal. 

    B. The mare must have received Equine Rhinopneumonitis Vaccinations at 5th, 7th, and 9th months during the pregnancy, verified by a veterinary statement. This farm uses Fort Dodge Pneumabort - K + 1b.

    C. The re-breeding privileges will become null and void if the mare is returned to race, performance training, or other hazardous activity after being pronounced safe in foal by the veterinarian. 

    If the following conditions were met and the mare failed to produce a live foal from the mating, the return breeding shall be honored.

  7. The Mare Owner and his/her agent Veterinarian are responsible for proper timing of the semen order, for immediate and proper handling of the semen after arrival, as well as the proper condition of the mare for insemination purposes. Krebs Quarter Horses is not responsible for the untimely delivery or condition of the cooled shipped semen, as we have no control of the shipment after it leaves our custody. The Mare Owner bears all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease, injury, infection, or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, including inappropriate, untimely, or negligent inseminations, or failure of insemination. The Mare Owner therefore releases, discharges, indemnifies and holds Krebs Quarter Horses harmless from any liability for any and all damages associated therewith, to include conception failure by the mare. The Mare Owner agrees to pay all expenses and Attorney fees incurred by Krebs Quarter Horses in defending any claims for which the Mare Owner has agreed to release, discharge, indemnify and hold Krebs Quarter Horses harmless.

  8. The Mare Owner will provide Krebs Quarter Horses with a photo-copy of the completed and signed AQHA or APHA "Insemination Certificate" within 15 days from the last date of insemination. A Transported Semen Breeder's Certificate will be issued by Krebs Quarter Horses to the Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the Owner's Mare producing a live foal by this mating.

  9. The parties acknowledge that this agreement is made and shall be entirely performed within the State of Kansas and shall be construed and enforced under the laws of the State of Kansas.

  10. This contract shall be binding upon the parties hereto, upon execution hereof and the same may not be altered or amended, except by written mutual consent of the parties hereto assigned


__________________________________    ______________________________________________
Authorized By                         Date                   Owner of Mare, (As listed on Registration Certificate) 

Stallion FEE:


Booking / Chute Fee


Shipping Charges


Miscellaneous Expense:


Balance Due Farm:


Address:  _____________________________________


Telephone: ( ________ )  ________________________

Signature of mare owner
                               Date: ________________________

After Krebs Quarter Hoses receives the signed and completed contract,  a Photostat Copy shall be returned to the Mare's Owner.

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Breeding Success with Cooled Semen
  |  Breeding Contract 
Cooled Transported Semen Contract  |  Pregnancy Check Forms 

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