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Breeding Contract
Krebs Quarter Horses 

Welcome to the 2010 Breeding Season and the 39th season for Krebs Quarter Horses.

The Mare Owner shall agree to pay the Chute Fee for mares receiving service on the farm of $500.00, payable with the signed contract. All board and additional expenses are to be paid monthly.

The Mare Owner agrees to allow the Farm Veterinarian to check the mare for normal breeding conditions and to perform any services necessary to maintain general and reproductive health of the mare at the expense of the Owner. The Owner is requested to furnish the Farm with complete immunization and worming records, also any past breeding history proves beneficial. All vaccinations, 4-Way (Tetanus, Sleeping Sickness and Influenza), Rhinopneumonitis (Ft. Dodge killed strain, Pheumabort-K+1) along with Strangles Bacterin can be given at the Farm at the request of the Owner. All in bound mare will receive all of the vaccinations upon arrival to the Farm unless the Owner presents a signed Veterinary Health Certificate stating the mare has received her vaccinations. The Farm requires a Negative Coggins Test on all mares and will service only HYPP Negative/Negative mares.

Krebs Quarter Horses offer a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE under the following conditions; the mare is pregnancy checked at the Farm previous to departure and the mare receives regular Pheumabort-K vaccinations. LIVE FOAL is defined as, "The foal stands and nurses after birth without assistance." The Farm is to be notified with in seven (7) days, by means of a written Veterinary Statement inclusive of the physical condition of the mare upon examination, examination of the foal and the reason for death, by the Veterinarian. The Mare Owner may choose to return the mare for rebreed privileges and may do so by paying the yearly Chute Fee charge. Chute/Booking fee are retained by the farm, and while a portion of the total stud fee are non-refundable.

The Farm agrees to diligently try to settle the Owner's Mare. The Owner shall agree to allow the Farm ample time and opportunity to settle the mare. If, for any reason the mare does not settle the Owner will hold Krebs Quarter Horses and the employees thereof harmless. The Farm requests the Owner be open in sharing information concerning habits of their mare so the Farm can adjust to accommodate the mare comfortably. All mares must be halter broke. The Owner agrees that neither the Stallion Manager, nor Krebs Quarter Horses, or employees there of, shall be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness to, or death of Owner's mare or foal, whether the foal is with the mare upon arrival or delivered on the Farm's premise. The Mare Owner will likewise not be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness to, or death of stallions, employees or Krebs Quarter Horses.

The Mare will be released to the Owner or authorized Care Giver when the Stallion Fee, Veterinary Expenses, board bills and any other charges incurred in behalf of the Mare (and foal) are paid in full to Krebs Quarter Horses. Professional Haulers (Professional Care Givers) will be asked for a signed statement from the Mare Owner giving them permission to haul the Owner's Mare. 

The Mare Owner or Authorized Care Giver/Agent is requested to complete and sign the contract, enclose the Chute/Booking Fee along with a photostat copy of the Mare's registration certificate and return all to Krebs Quarter Horses. When the contracts have been signed by the Mare Owner and Krebs Quarter Horses the contract will become a legal and binding contract on both parties, subject to the contract's terms and conditions.

DAYCARE CHOICES -- Per Day Charges

DRY Mares

WET Mares













Indicate daycare choice by marking one of the above boxes.



Stallion Name

2008 Fee:


Chute Fee:






















Owner of Mare: ___________________________________________________________________
(As listed on Registration Certificate) 


Telephone: (        ) ____________________   Work Telephone:  (        ) ____________________

Name of Mare: ___________________________________    Registration # _________________

Breed: _______  Mortality Insurance (Y/N) ___ Company: _____________________________

Agent: _______________________________  Emergency Telephone: (      ) _______________

I agree, on this date ________ 200__ , to breed the mare named above to the following stallion:

_________________________________________  Registration Number: ____________________

for the 200__ season, subject to and following the terms and conditions agreed upon and stated within the above contract.

_____________________________________________________     Date: ___________________
         Mare Owner's Signature
_____________________________________________________     Date: ___________________
        Krebs Quarter Horse Signature of Approval

Please return contract to:
Krebs Quarter Horses - 5101 West Road 160 - Scott City, Kansas 67871
Krebs Quarter Horses will return a copy to each mare owner.

Mare Reproductive History and Instructions

Please help us to better serve you by answering the following questions:

Age of mare: ______   Last worming date and product used: _______________________________

Vaccinations needed upon arrival: FLU [  ]    EWT [  ]     PN-K [  ]     Strangles [  ]    

      Other vaccinations needed: ______________________________________________________

Type/lb ... of grain your mare is accustomed to receiving:  ________________________________

Type/lb ... of hay your mare is accustomed to receiving:  _________________________________

Breeding dates last year: _______________________________  Foaling date this year:  ________

Known Health problems: _____________________________________________________________

Special Instructions:  ______________________________________________________________

Special Medications:  ______________________________________________________________

Special Instructions to the farm if the farm
 is to Deliver your Foal during the season

Does your mare wax previous to delivery: Y/N _____  How many days: ____

How many days does she normally carry her foals: ______________

Has she ever experienced a bad presentation of a foal during delivery ... please explain in detail:



Special foaling and delivery instructions to the farm:  _____________________________________


Do you wish for the farm to perform an IgG test on your newborn foal: Y/N _____

Further instructions: ________________________________________________________________



What areas would you suggest need improvement so that we may better serve you? ___________


We Thank You in advance,
and advise you to take your halter home so we won't lose or abuse it!

Further Questions:
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